Online Dating For Vegans

Vegan Dating

Vegan dating websites and apps abound, and if you’re searching for vegan laughter, country walks, and possibly a little more, they can be a quick and easy way to meet others who share your ethical ideals and way of life.

Naturally, not every vegan wants to date, sleep with, or marry another vegan. In some ways, it may be preferable to spend time with people who do not hold the same beliefs as you. Emotionally and psychologically, being pushed is a terrific way to grow. Furthermore, if you date a non-vegan and convert them, you may be able to save even more animals!

However, having a connection with someone just for the purpose of changing them is not a healthy foundation for long-term pleasure. According to numerous studies, being with a partner who shares your core views increases your chances of having a long-term relationship. Your veganism may or may not be a basic conviction, depending on how passionate you are about the matter.

If you solely eat a plant-based diet for health reasons, whether you date a fellow vegan or not is unlikely to be a deal-breaker. Veganism, on the other hand, is clearly at the heart of your core beliefs if you are a level five vegan who is entirely devoted to the ethical justifications for veganism and who avoids all animal products and derivatives.

Finally, whether you’re looking for love with a vegan because you can’t be bothered to cook two separate meals every night, or because kissing lips that have recently come into touch with animal flesh makes you ill, here’s a list of the finest vegan dating sites and apps.

Vegan Dating Apps

There are now nearly innumerable Tinder variations to appeal to almost every niche population and outré sexual predilection, and here are some of the best geared for vegans (and often vegetarians too).

  • Grazer

Grazer describes itself as a “herbivorous dating app” that “connects local vegetarians and vegans.” It has a simple UI, as you’d think, and functions similarly to Tinder and the others.

The main concern right now is the small number of individuals on there, which means finding a match and really getting a date could be difficult. Grazer claims that their mission is to “connect and unite a new generation of like-minded vegetarians and vegans,” however they are currently falling short of that goal due to a lack of resources.

They are currently looking at crowd funding possibilities in order to raise their profile and attract more customers, but they may struggle in the end, especially when it comes to people looking for 100% vegans (as opposed to vegetarians and dietary vegans). While the number of vegans in the UK is increasing, as we discussed in our story on how many vegans there are in the UK, the number of vegans as a fraction of the overall population remains tiny.

Much depends on what “level” of veganism is being discussed, but we believe a figure of 500,000-600,000 is reasonable if we are discussing those who aim to avoid all animal products. Given the UK’s current population of roughly 68,000,000 people, this indicates that less than 1% of the population is vegan. What percentage of that 1% uses vegan-only dating apps?

Perhaps we’re stereotyping, but it’s feasible that the ordinary vegan is less inclined than the general public to utilize a dating app for a variety of reasons. If vegans are more likely to hunt for love elsewhere, and they are a small group to begin with, searching within that minority solely for vegans looking for other vegans will inevitably result in a small pool of potential dates.

Having said that, Grazer isn’t a complete waste of time. It is certainly feasible to find a date and meet great individuals, particularly if you reside in a big city. According to reports, the people on there are all genuine (as far as people can tell) and searching for a long-term relationship rather than a hook-up. Furthermore, it appears that once you find a match, moving on to a date is simple, with the apparent choice of a vegan lunch out as a natural next step. Grazer is a name to keep an eye on.

  • Veggly

Another alternative is Veggly, which employs the conventional double-like functionality. However, ou

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