How To Sell on Marketplace Through Facebook: Have you been making use of the feature of Selling on Marketplace? 
That’s one very big question you should ask yourself right now. Perhaps, all through your chatting and browsing experience, you never came across the feature and service of Selling on Marketplace.

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You definitely never knew that Facebook had a marketplace embedded in its app.
How To Sell on Marketplace Through FaceBook
Selling on Marketplace and How It Works: Facebook is globally known all over the world as one of the largest and most used social media sites, where almost the whole world’s population get connected and interact with each other.

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With over 3 million active monthly users, you can sure testify that Facebook is just the right platform for communication and interaction.

And with this fact that it has been one of the largest sites for connection, interaction, and entertainment, businesses, and enterprises all over the world, have seen it as just the ultimate destination to get their business and brand online.

Why Selling on Facebook is just one of the Best Means Of Selling Products 
Selling on Marketplace through Facebook is just the best way to get your products and items to the public, as the site contains millions of active users, who may need the services of your business.

The Marketplace is an easy and convenient location where you can showcase and place your goods on sales. Once you get your items and business on the marketplace, other users are able to get on your marketplace, search for the item they want and contact you for it.

However, for you to start Selling on Marketplace, you need to have your Facebook app and the account installed to your device. this is because this service is featured by Facebook. And without the app and account, there is certainly no way you can get access to the service.

So, if you really want to get started, then you have to get the Facebook app and create your Facebook account.

How to Open Facebook Account – Selling on Marketplace 
Selling on Marketplace through Facebook requires you making use of your Facebook app and account, as it is the only way through which you can gain access to the marketplace and manage your marketplace.

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So, here’s how to download the Facebook app and get your Facebook account.

On Android Phones – Selling on Marketplace 
– Open the Google Play store on your Android device.
– At the top of the page, in the search box, type in Facebook and search.
– Click on the Facebook app and click on the “Install” button.
– Next, you have to click on “Accept”
– Wait for the download process to finish and Open your Facebook app.
– On the app page, click on “Create New Facebook Account”, and click on Next.
– Agree to the security prompts and click on Next.
– Type in your first name and last name, and click on Next.
– Enter your date of birth and click on Next.
– Select your gender and click on Next.
– Enter a valid email address and click on Next.
– Enter a suitable password for the account, and click on Next.
– Click on Sign Up.

On IOS Devices and Tablets – Selling on Marketplace 
– Open your Apple app store on your IOS or Tablet device.
– Once the store is open, click on the search icon.
– In the search box, type “Facebook” and search for it.
– A result list of related apps will be shown to you on the next page, click on the Facebook app and click on “GET”.
– Next, you have to click on “INSTALL” and start the download process.
– After the download process, open the Facebook app.
– One the page of the app, click on Create New Facebook Account.
– Enter your name, email address, and date of birth.
– Choose your gender and enter a password.
– Once you are done with these processes, click on Sign Up.

How to Log in To Your Facebook Account – Selling on Marketplace 
Now you have created your account, however, you have to log in to this account, whenever you want to make use of it. So, if you have created your Facebook account following the procedures above, then here’s how to log in.

For Mobile Devices – Selling on Marketplace 
– On your mobile device, open the Facebook app.
– Enter your email address or mobile number.
– Provide your password.
– Click on Log In.

For Desktops, PCs or Computers 
– On your web browser, go to
– Enter your email or phone number.
– Enter your password.
– Click on Log In.

How to Start Selling on Marketplace 
Facebook has designed and introduced this service of Selling on Marketplace in order to create awareness and great sales for your business.

Are you a business owner or marketer seeking to get your business online?

You can sure do that with your Facebook account. here’s how to do that;
– Open the Facebook app and log in to your Facebook account.
– At the top of the page, click on the Shop icon or Sell Something in the status update box.
– Add the images of the items and products you have on sale.
– Type in a title for your products.
– Add a brief description of your items or products.
– Describe the item and add the prices of the item.
– Add a category and location for the item.

After you are done with the above processes, your item will be made to other Facebook users. When a buyer is interested in your product, he or she can contact you on Facebook.

And mind you, buyers are not really able to buy the items directly on Facebook.

The items are only showcased in the marketplace, and if the buyer needs one, he can contact you and meet you in person or whatever medium through they can get it.

That is it on How To Sell on Marketplace Through Facebook.

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