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Out of all social media networks, Facebook has catapulted to the top of the list when it comes to ease at which people chat, relate, and communicate with each other. When you accessed your Facebook account from the Mobile App if you wish to reply a message, you will be required to install the Facebook messenger app, or by whatever means you installed the app when you wish to uninstall it permanently, here are the simple guide that can assist you with the best and easiest ways to remove Facebook Messenger App and messages on iPhone rapidly.

How Do I Get Rid Of Messenger On Facebook
o delete the Facebook Messenger App on your iPhone permanently, you can use the aid of iPhone or iPad Data Eraser.

This is an iPhone information management program designed basically for totally removing applications from iPhone permanently. All that it requires is a few basic actions to carry out this task. In addition to totally uninstall, it helps to remove all other files connected to the device and this helps to speed iPhone up and maximize resources for processes on your iPhone.

Functions of iPhone Data Eraser
1. Asides from uninstallation, you can use the application for the following
2. The tool permits you to remove certain apps from iPhone completely by deleting their scrap files and make them unrecoverable
3. It helps to improve storage space.
4. Eliminate Personal Data: This application assists you to remove all the personal data from your device such as messages, photos and all other things you do not require from iPhone.
5. Make device brand new: Helps you to remove all the information from your iPhone and make it brand new.

Ways to Use iPhone Data Eraser to Remove Facebook Messenger.
Read below the detailed information to delete your Facebook messenger

  • Initially you need to download and install iPhone Data Eraser on PC.
  • Locate and double-click on its shortcut icon to initialize this program.
  • Connect your iPhone to PC with a USB.
  • Wait for the device’s discovery and set up process to be completed
  • Click on the 1-Click Clean-up button on the primary window of iPhone Data Eraser.
  • Wait for the iPhone Data Eraser to scan out your applications and files that are removerable from your iPhone.
  • Ensure the “App Generated Junk Files” checkbox is checked once the scan process is completed.
  • Check or uncheck the other checkboxes as required, here you can click the “Facebook Messenger “App to remove it from iPhone completely.
  • Once you have completed the app selection process, click the “Cleanup” button.

The uninstallation and removal process will be performed in a short time. After which you can close the program.

Ways To Delete Messages from Facebook Messenger on iPhone.
If you wish to single out the message to be deleted from your Facebook messenger app be it a single message or a whole conversation for confidentiality purposes or any reason, you can follow the steps listed below in this easy methods.

Easily Delete a Single Facebook Message from Messenger on iPhone.

  • Launch the Facebook Messenger App on your iPhone by tapping the Facebook Messenger icon and run it
  • Select the Message you wish to delete.
  • To erase the message from Facebook Messenger on iPhone, press and hold the message, then a menu will appear, click on the “Erase icon”, and confirm to remove the message from your message history.

How to Erase whole Facebook Conversation from Facebook Messenger on iPhone.

  • Navigate directly to your messenger app and scroll your list to discover the one you wish to erase. Instead of opening the conversation, swipe the conversation from right to left.
  • Now you will have the choice to “Delete” the conversation. Simply click on the “Erase” button in order to erase the discussion you chose.

With that, you’ve successfully deleted the whole conversation from your messenger app.

That is it on How to Delete Messenger on Facebook on iPhone.

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