best online dating for single moms

Top Four (4) Dating Sites for Single Moms

So, what should a single mom do if she wants to date? If you had possible prospects at work, you’d already be dating them, and as a Solo Mom, you can’t go to bars or ballroom dance parlors. “Join something,” your buddies advise. Make a hiking club!” You won’t be able to travel anywhere unless you can bring a child or a teenager with you. And, let’s face it, being flirty while your child is having a tantrum is difficult.

We’re left with only one realistic option: online dating.

Personals, as they were once known, were printed in your local hipster rag and were regarded as risqué and hazardous. Tinder,, PlentyOfFish, and a slew of other weird names have become standard in recent years.

My recommendation is to take it slowly. Before signing up for any fee-based dating site, do your homework, read reviews, and educate yourself. Also, keep in mind that “free dating services” are designed to extract money from you in some way, and knowledge equals empowerment.

So, with the exception of one, I joined all of them in order to better explain, clarify, and save you time. (I am, in fact, exhausted.)

The top six most popular dating sites are listed below. I didn’t say the “best” website because everyone has their own favorite ice cream flavor. I used the word “six” since I couldn’t cut it down to just five. I gave it my all!


The most popular site with the most success stories is this one. Because it is a paid service, it is intended toward those who are serious about finding a partner.

The method. You complete a lengthy questionnaire with fundamental lifestyle questions and then write a dissertation about who you are and what you want in a partner. (It’s worth noting that mine was only a paragraph long.) I’m a single mom with no time for essays.)

This is how it works. Matches are made based on a variety of factors, including age, distance, ethnicity, and a variety of other details that are given to hungry algorithms.

2. eHarmony

eHarmony attracts people who are serious about finding a companion and is a more conservative, fee-based site with a high success rate. In fact, the site may reject you for being unsuitable for dating, and you’ll be limited to messaging only those with whom you’ve been matched.

The method. Users must complete a lengthy (over 400 item) personality questionnaire.

This is how it works. Character, intelligence, and value compatibility, as determined by a magic procedure, are used to make matches.

3. Zoosk

What began as a basic Facebook app has evolved into a global online dating platform. It’s marketed as a “free” software, but it’s special in that it tracks your choices to predict future offerings. Zoosk connects to Facebook and other e-mail services. It claims to be a “social networking site,” but it’s really just a giant dating app.

The procedure. The majority of users provide their age, approximate location, profile name, and a photo. Although it is not required to complete the actual profile, the more information you provide, the more specific the search will be.

How does it work?

Zoosk’s “behavioral matchmaking” technology, which learns from users’ actions, is used to find matches. It was originally free, but it has since been gamified, with “coins” being used to purchase various things on the site.

4. OkCupid

Zoosk’s main competitor, OkCupid (OKC), features a user-friendly interface that is similar to Zoosk’s. OKC attracts a more diverse demographic, with an emphasis on the younger generation and open-minded singles. Again, it’s a free site with upgrades available for a price.

The method. You must fill out an ever-changing, wide-ranging, and occasionally bizarre questionnaire. (Users submit questions, which are then chosen by OKC staff.) In a similar manner, you estimate the importance of the questions that your possible spouse answers. Maybe you don’t mind if the guy smokes cannabis on a regular basis, but if he doesn’t wear Converse sneakers, forget about it!

This is how it works. This information is used by the site to determine your proportion of “match,” “friend,” or “enemy” status among other love seekers. The higher the “match” percentage, the better the chances of finding love.

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