4 Best Automation Apps for Android

Some phone chores take a long time, especially if they are something you need to do on a regular basis. However, there are certain Android apps that can automate jobs and give you more free time. Automation apps for Android range from auto-replying to SMS to deleting junk files.

If you’re unsure which automation app is right for you, here are some of the best multipurpose Android automation apps to try.

Call Recorder – ACR

ACR is an Android call recorder app that automatically records all your calls which includes both incoming and outgoing calls. You can listen to them, store them on the device if it holds some importance to you, or delete unwanted recordings. The app automatically records calls and auto deletes once the recordings are old enough as per the schedule set.

On the Pro version of ACR, manual recording is possible. It is password protected, so no one can delete a recording on purpose. Moreover, it has a free transcription service and more. Save the recordings to your hard drive and then export them to any cloud service with a single click. ACR can be used to record important calls, threat calls for evidence, or to keep track of something.


If This, Then That (IFTTT) is an acronym for “If This, Then That,” which is a phrase for algorithms that do tasks based on conditions. It’s a fantastic tool for automating Android smartphones using recipes.

You can set the recipes or actions to be performed when the trigger is triggered, and the app will handle the rest. Perform things such as texting folks when you’re approaching a location or uploading a photo to social media. The best part about IFTTT is that it is completely free to use and has no advertisements, which is a huge benefit.

The software works well with Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as smart lighting, fans, and air conditioners, among others. It works with over 630 apps, including Weather Underground, iRobot, Twitter, and Google Drive, to name a few. Both of you will discover that it is incapable of doing complex duties. Furthermore, it can only perform one trigger at a time, which isn’t necessarily a flaw.


MacroDroid allows you to set your Android phone to automated mode. It’s the most straightforward approach to automate tasks on Android. It already contains over 100 macros that activate and carry out the desired action.

Users can utilize MacroDroid to create triggers, events, and follow-up actions. MacroDroid will automatically launch the appropriate activities once any trigger is triggered and the rules are met.

It can include things like posting a selfie on Facebook or turning off Wi-Fi when the battery is low, as well as setting alarms for a specific time. The app uses timers to remind you of whatever responsibilities you have. It’s one of the most effective ways to automate Android devices without requiring any specific knowledge. The user interface is straightforward, basic, and intuitive to use. It’s a little retro, but it’s a strong tool.


Tasker, unlike MacroDroid, is a sophisticated and powerful Android device automation tool. From turning on the music to activating DND after setting up specific triggers, practically anything can be automated.

The Android automation software includes 350+ actions that let you configure your phone in a variety of ways. It turns your phone into a self-driving car, with triggers triggering the required events and activities without the need for human participation.

The app does not require rooting your phone, and it specifically states that you do not need to root your phone. If you’re looking for a powerful Android automation app, Tasker should be your go-to app.

Users can manually put up triggers in addition to the pre-defined bundles of triggers and actions. When you enter your car, for example, the app will identify a Bluetooth headphone and begin playing music. A remote tasker app also allows you to control Tasker from your PC or any other Android phone.

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